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Microtech Gefell HSM180 Condenser Headset Microphone

£1,890.00 inc. vat
£1,575.00 ex. vat
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The Headset Microphone HSM 180 is an announcer microphone for radio and TV commentators, interpreters and others. The microphone achieves an improved signal-to-noise ratio in respect of environmental noise due to its close proximity to the mouth. A pressure receiver is used as a converter allowing relatively non-critical placement of the microphone through, for example inaccurate adjustment, assuring an outstanding purity of sound. The microphone can be positioned in three axes. lt is adjusted by means of an easy-to-handle knurled thumbscrew with collar.

The upper frequency characteristic on the main response axis of the microphone provides optimal compensation for high frequency loss when side addressed. The microphone assures a neutral sound quality and has a negligible self-noise level for a headset microphone. The Windscreen W 18 removes the majority of pop artefacts, normally inevitable, in close applications.

The present model is intended for the ULTRASONE HFI-650 studio headphones with S-Logic Sound System technology as seen in the picture.

These headphones are a closed system which shields the announcer from environmental noise but give the impression of an open system.