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AL.SO DYNAX2 - Stereo Dynamic Sound Shaper Compressor

by AL.SO
£3,660.00 inc. vat
£3,050.00 ex. vat
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The AL.SO Dynax2 (Dynax Square) is more than an ordinary compressor, it is designed as a Dynamic Sound Shaper, a creative tool meant for the creative sound engineers. Conceived around very low distorsion circuits, the Dynax2 allows for a wide range of effects, starting with the smoothest and most transparent compression, and going to the harshest and most spectacular sound designs. Both "attack" and "release" knobs permit a graduated change of values to reshape the sound and create a new envelope.

The Dynax Square offers three different compression curves

  • Limiter (10:1)
  • Brickwall
  • AntiDyna (an innovative new mode designed by Olivier Bolling which literally "over-limits" the sound in a "funky-to-trashy" way).