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Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12 - Compact analogue synth - Oberheim filter

£718.80 inc. vat
£599.00 ex. vat
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Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12

The Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12 synthesiser is a full steel/aluminium synth with high quality smooth potentiometers and top quality knobs completely sealed against dust. The Nyborg-12 uses a high-grade double sided circuit board based on blueprints from the 1970's and produces high quality 16 Bit DAC for MIDI-CV conversion.

The Nyborg-12 has the Telemark synth’s "oberheim SEM" style filter


  • Octave switches on the VCO.
  • "Free run" setting - disconnects VCO from MIDI pitch. Good for effects or using the VCO as a modulator.
  • Wide setting - allowing the VCO Tune knob to have a super wide range - good for when the VCO is used as a modulator.
  • Q Boost on the filter - to make resonance go insane.
  • VCO Sub Osc is hard wired to the Mixer - for super convenience.
  • Much smaller than Telemark - for those with limited space.
  • Lower price point.
  • Two Nyborgs can be racked side by side using the optional rack kit