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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £99 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

Aphex 722 Dominator II Precision multiband peak limiter

by Aphex
£1,199.00 inc. vat
£999.17 ex. vat
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Aphex 722 Dominator II

The Aphex 722 Dominator II is a stereo MultiBand peak limiter designed to fit a wide range of applications. Through the use of MultiBand techniques along with patented Aphex technologies, the limiting action is practically inaudible such that greater limiting depth is possible, resulting in higher loudness while maintaining audio quality.

At virtually any limiting depth, the Dominator II is free of most artifacts normally associated with limiters. As a peak overshoot protection limiter, the Dominator II is undetectable in line while it absolutely prevents peak levels from exceeding a user settable output level. In addition, the desired limiting effects of greater audio density and increased punch are readily available with the Dominator II.

The Model 722 has Pre and De-emphasis circuitry included for broadcast use.

Aphex 722 Applications

  • Protection of amplifiers and speakers from overload
  • Preventing sudden peak overload of a mixer or recorder
  • Ensuring clean recording by stopping clipping of peaks and overshoots.
  • Maximizes bit usage for less distortion.
  • Satellite Uplink — Modulation control on high frequency audio, gives reduced distortion, better signal-to- noise.
  • Broadcasting — AM and FM modulation control for increased loudness
  • Location Film Shoots — anti-clip for dialog and sound effects recording.
  • Post Production — Soundtrack peak control; managing difficult dialog; controlling transient sound effects.
  • Analog Mastering — peak control for high allowable average cutting levels; less limiter degradation to the program
  • STL & Phone Line Driver — maximize signal-to-noise without overload distortion