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Artnovion Athos-Wenge - Athos (Wood) - Absorber Wenge

£570.00 inc. vat
£475.00 ex. vat

Artnovion Athos Absorber Wenge

The Athos-Wenge is a black wood textured wall panel designed for treating professional or home studios, these panels not only help treat your room but also look the part. The Athos panel has a soundwave like design that looks great on it's own or side by side, the design was made to help regulate the mid-high frequencies while it's surface provides selective scattering over high frequencies.


  • Panel size: 595 x 595 x 58mm
  • Absorption range: 315 Hz to 3150 Hz
  • Acoustic Class: C
  • Absorption coefficient: (aw) = 0,7(M)
  • Fire rate classification: FG (Furniture Grade Class)
  • Box Weight: 16,90 Kg
  • Finish: Wenge (black/Dark grey with wood texture)
  • Panel type: Absorption
  • Contains: 8