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Avid - Pro Tools Mac Keyboard

by Avid
£178.80 inc. vat
£149.00 ex. vat
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Avid - Pro Tools Mac Keyboard

The Avid Pro Tools Keyboard (Mac) will help you Work faster—with direct access to primary Pro Tools transport and editing functions literally at your fingertips. Using symbols and a color-coding system, the Pro Tools Keyboard provides a visual map of controls, enabling you to trigger commands and functions with a simple key press. Yet it also retains all of the conventional alphanumeric labels, so you can use it as your regular day-to-day Mac or Windows computer keyboard too.

Avid Pro Tools Mac Keyboard Features:

Mac and Windows
Choose the Pro Tools | Custom Keyboard that's right for your computer platform.

Color-coded text and icons
Get a visual cheat sheet to a host of Pro Tools commands and perform them with ease.

Plug-and-play USB
Simply plug the keyboard into your computer and you're ready to go. The Mac version even offers two built-in USB ports.

PS-2 flexibility
Connect through USB or PS-2 with the Windows version of the Pro Tools | Custom Keyboard.