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Avid - Pro Tools | MTRX Base unit with MADI and Pro|Mon

by Avid
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Pro Tools | MTRX Base Unit

The Pro Tools MTRX is a Pro Tools HD interface that allows you to implement your own I/O needs to design an interface specific to you. The MTRX is a flexible, fully modular unit allowing you to customize the I/O options and interface from a variety of choices such as analog or digital inputs/outputs, high-quality mic pres, Dante, MADI and much more. This versatility allows you to connect with all types of gear routing between different I/O formats. You are also able to send any input to any output or send audio simultaneously to multiple outputs, giving your workflow endless possibilities. (base unit not included with this product)

The MTRX features Digital Audio Denmark’s (DAD’s) AD and DA converters allowing the MTRX to deliver the cleanest, most transparent, and highly detailed sound. This enables you to produce the best quality of sound possible from your Pro Tools HD system in mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 or a 64-channel immersive audio mix.


Use one interface for multiple applications
Any Pro Tools music studio would benefit from the Pro Tools MTRX, it provides everything a studio needs to connect mics, instruments, control surfaces, speakers and outboard gear. Not only is the MTRX great for in the studio but because of its ability to integrate into any music or sound production environment it is an ideal solution for location recording, dolby Atmos post production, live sound, monitor controls and more.

Design an interface for your specific needs
Thanks to the MTRX having eight card slots you can adapt your interface to have a range of I/O allowing you to mix and match any mic, line, SDI, and other I/O you need, giving you the versatility to connect the widest array of gear.

Get the highest possible audio quality
With the use of DAD’s AD/DA converter the MTRX allows you to capture audio with sample rates up to 384 kHz/DSD, preserving the sonic fidelity and musical nuances that other interface are unsuccessful at capturing.

Internal clocking
The Pro Tools MTRX provides high-precision internal clocking allowing you to sync all of you audio devices and signals through a world clock, video black and burst (VBB), AES11 and all Digital I/O the MTRX ensures that you will get a clean, accurate performance.


  • Pro Tools | MTRX Base unit (BUILT INTO THE CHASSIS)
  • AES/EBU I/O: Eight AES pairs (16 mono) via two D25 connectors
  • MADI I/O: Coaxial interface with 64 I/O channels via BNC connectors
  • Option card slots: Eight available for I/O customization (see options below); up to six slots can be used to mix and match analog (AD/DA) cards, providing up to 48 analog channels per MTRX interface
  • System sync: Word Clock/video black burst (VBB) I/O via BNC connectors; AES11 input
  • Pro Tools interface: Two 32-channel DigiLink Mini connectors (64 channels total)
  • Sample rate: Supports 44.1 kHz–384 kHz, as well as DSD 64/DSD 128 with high precision internal clock and PLL
  • Power: Dual power supplies (internal)
  • Chassis: 2U 19-inch rack-mountable unit (482.6 mm)

Option cards available separately (card not included with base unit):

Pro Tools | MTRX 8 Line Pristine AD Card
Add eight channels of line-level analog inputs.

Pro Tools | MTRX 2 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card
Add two channels of analog inputs and mic preamps with relay-based gain circuit—an ideal low-cost option for talkback and tracking.

Pro Tools | MTRX 8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card
Add eight channels of analog inputs and mic preamps with relay-based gain circuit.

Pro Tools | MTRX 8 Pristine DA Card
Add eight channels of line-level analog outputs with an output level control.

Pro Tools | MTRX 8 AES3 I/O Card
Add eight line AES3 inputs and outputs (16 channels), with built-in sample rate conversion.

Pro Tools | MTRX Dual SDI/HD/3G Card
Add 2 x 16 channels of SDI/HD/3G connections (embed/de-embed) with built-in sample rate conversion.

Pro Tools | MTRX 64-Channel IP Audio Dante Module
Add up to 64 channels of low-latency digital audio using Dante (64 channels at 44.1 kHz or 16 channels at 192 kHz).

Pro Tools | MTRX Dual MADI I/O Card
Add 128 channels of MADI inputs and outputs through two optical SFP ports.

Pro Tools | MTRX MADI Module for Base Unit
Add an additional one or two 64-channel I/O coaxial or optical MADI module to the chassis.