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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £50 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

AwTac Awesome Channel - 500-Series Channel Amplifier

by AwTac
£1,620.00 inc. vat
£1,350.00 ex. vat
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AwTac Awesome Channel - 500-Series Channel Amplifier

The AwTac Awesome Channel Amp has an LCR passive mix buss (left – center- right selectable just like most consoles had up to the late 60's, no pan pot) in the unit. Since it is a double wide module, AwTac were able to use the extra set of I/O jacks for a mix buss. With a standard XLR cable, you can connect one Awesome into another and now you have a mixer. Just like that.

The buss level, just like the paradigm of all lust worthy classic consoles with a passive buss, is conveniently set at mic level. After you've chained all your Channel Amplifiers together, AwTAC have devised a special breakout cable that plugs into the standard XLR jack and delivers the Left and Right buss to the mic preamps of your choice. This obviously sets you up for a myriad of tonal choices when both tracking with multiple mics mixed to a mono source (there are still *some* people that track guitars like this, right?) and mixing your stems (or tracks) from your DAW.

The mixing functionality is designed to work with all (every) 500 rack currently on the market. If it has a male and female XLR, you can use that rack to build a mixer out of Channel Amplifiers.

AwTac Awesome Channel 500 Series Features:

  • Unique double width 500-sereies Channel Strip
  • Great sounding unit
  • Three modules in one: Preamp, Eq, Mixer
  • Preamp features phantom power, polarity reverse switch, hi-pass filter, gain knob and output transformer load switch
  • Baxandall Low and Hi-shelves for a smooth, transparent and natural sound
  • Forward/Back switch changes the perspective of a sound within a mix.
  • Superior quality components including custom wound transformers, cinemag inductors, and gold connectivity