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AwTac Panner - 500-Series Panner

by AwTac
£600.00 inc. vat
£500.00 ex. vat
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AwTac Panner - 500-Series Panner

The AwTac Panner is the only stand alone panning/summing module offered in the 500 format, allowing you to turn select racks into a mixer, one channel at a time.

Panner is designed to receive any variety of buss or line level signals, including the buss output of a Channel Amp (when assigned L). With it’s very high input impedance, Panner can also receive any active instrument not needing gain, like a synth.

Pan Pot moves a mono signal left to right across the stereo sound stage on the mix buss. Pan law is -6dB. Signal is attenuated -3dB at center position (12 O’clock) from +3dB at full left (7 O’clock) or full right (5 O’clock). When summed to mono, signal will be the same level regardless of pan pot position.

Mute Switch activates an opto-attenuator circuit to silently cut/inject the input signal from/to the mix buss. Mute is engaged when the soft touch push-button switch is actuated. An integral LED will illuminate orange to indicate signal is cut. The activation of this circuit is free of pops, clicks or switching noise and is designed to be used “on the fly” during a mix.

AwTac Panner Features:

  • Single width 500 module
  • 10 Panners fit in a Purple Audio Sweet Ten rack
  • Stand-alone line level summing module for any line level signal
  • Stereo Panner
  • Silent Opto Mute