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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £99 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

Bartlett TM125 Boundary / PZM Microphone

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Bartlett TM125 Boundary / PZM Microphone

The Bartlett TM-125 is a supercardioid boundary mic designed for use on a theatre stage to pick up actors in drama or musicals. Other intended uses are capturing the footwork of dance groups and players in indoor sport venues.

The boundary-mic design prevents phase cancellations due to sound reflections off the stage floor. This results in a wide, smooth frequency response free of comb filtering, so speech sounds clear and natural.

With its thick steel housing and rugged construction, the TM-125 can withstand heavy footsteps. All electronics are inside the housing. A supplied XLR mic cable plugs into a connector in the side of the mic.

The supercardioid polar pattern of the TM-125 helps gain-before-feedback, and provides excellent isolation from sounds behind the mic, such as a pit orchestra.

Bartlett TM-125 Features

  • Wide, smooth frequency response provides natural speech reproduction
  • High-frequency rise compensates for off-axis pickup of speech
  • Tight pickup pattern reduces feedback and isolates the mic from the pit orchestra
  • Picks up sound while rejecting mechanical vibrations
  • High sensitivity and low-impedance balanced output provide a strong, hum-free signal
  • Low profile rugged housing
  • Made in USA

School music and theater directors love these mics because they are affordable, effective and easy to use. Just place one to three of these mics on the stage floor near the front edge, and plug them into phantom-powered mic inputs.

  • Clear, natural sound
  • Made of rugged heavy-gauge steel to withstand abuse
  • Good gain-before-feedback
  • Rejects the sound of the pit orchestra behind the microphone
  • 3-year warranty,
  • Designer Bruce Bartlett has 30 years of engineering experience at Shure and Crown International
  • Tech support direct from Bruce Bartlett
  • Also can be used to pick up the players at a sports game

How many stage-floor mics do I need?

  • 20’ stage: 1 mic center stage.
  • 25-30’ stage: 2 mics 12 to 15 feet apart.
  • 35-40’ stage: 3 mics 15 feet apart.
  • 45-50’ stage: 3 mics 17 feet apart.

Bartlett designed the industry-standard PZM boundary mic and PCC-160 stage-floor mic used in thousands of theaters across the country. The TM-125 is their next generation model, and it features these improvements:

  • Smaller size   (1.6" shorter)
  • More rugged
  • Smoother frequency response
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 100% tested by the engineers who designed it