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BBC AM6/14 Limiting amplifier - 2 x Mono in Rack (used)

by BBC
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BBC AM6/14 Limiting amplifier (used)

BBC AM6/14 Limiting Amplifier. Pair, professionally racked, serviced and calibrated. Very rare BBC limiters. This is a used item.

The BBC AM6/14 is a monophonic limiting-amplifier for use at audio frequencies. It has been designed primarily for transmitter protection but has facilities which make it suitable for studio use also. Two of the amplifiers can be ganged for stereophonic use by means of simple wired connections between tags of their mating connectors.

The limiting action is free from overshoot. A meter on the front panel indicates gain-reduction and gain recovery time is switchable to any of seven fixed values between 160ms and 3s or to auto recovery i.e a condition in which the recovery time is 10s but changes to approximately 0.5s if gaps of 1s or more occur in the programme. Another facility activated by gaps in the programme ( in this instance gaps of 0.6s or more) is a noise gate of the amplifier by 12dB when such gaps occur.

An Input attenuator is provided to enable the amplification of an incoming 0dB volume signal to be varied in 2dB steps, so as to produce up to 20db of gain reduction by the limiting circuit.

The gain recovery and noise gate attenuator switches are all front panel controls.