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Beyerdynamic Opus TS900 C - UHF Pocket Transmitter - Plastic Housing

£300.00 inc. vat
£250.00 ex. vat
Usually Ships within 48 hours.

The TS 900 C pocket transmitter with charging contacts has been designed for multifunctional applications especially for broadcast applications or in fixed installations. Using the ACT infra red interface the selected frequency can be transmitted from the receiver to the transmitter. The LC-Display clearly indicates the selected channel/group and the battery status (5-stage). The 4-pin mini XLR input connector is utilized for the connection of microphones or instruments. For a great number of microphones and instruments the signals can be matched to an optimum level by using the gain control. With the MT-/GT-switch it is possible to select between microphones and instruments. In the GT-mode (GT for guitar) the gain control is inactive, in the MT-mode it is active. Due to the pilot tone system there is no mute-switch needed, because the receiver is muted automatically when the transmitter is switched off.

Beyerdynamic TS 900 C Features

  • Rugged plastic housing with charging contacts
  • ACT infrared interface for automatic frequency setting
  • 4-pin mini-XLR input connector for connection of microphones and instruments
  • Gain control for input level adjustment
  • Silent On/Off switch
  • Clear LC display indicating group/channel and battery status (5-stage)
  • Operating time > 20 hours with 2 x 1,5 V AA batteries; 12 hours with 2 x R6 NiMH-Akkus (1200 mAh)
  • Incl. batteries and transport bag

Beyerdynamic TS 900 C Available Frequency Ranges

  • 668-692 MHz, order # 490.458*
  • 774-798 MHz, order # 490.466*
  • 790-814 MHz, order # 490.474
  • 831-865 MHz, order # 490.482

* = FCC approved; other frequency ranges are not for use in the USA or Canada.