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Beyerdynamic Opus TS900 M - UHF Pocket Transmitter - Metal Housing

£354.00 inc. vat
£295.00 ex. vat
Usually Ships within 48 hours.

The TS 900 M pocket transmitter with metal housing has been designed for multifunctional applications like for theatre applications with a clip-on microphone, on stage as guitar transmitter or for broadcast applications. With its integrated clip it can be attached to belts, waist-bands or guitar straps. Using the ACT infra red interface the selected frequency can be transmitted from the receiver to the transmitter. The LC-Display clearly indicates the selected channel/group and the battery status (5-stage). The 4-pin mini XLR input connector is utilized for the connection of microphones or instruments. For a great number of microphones and instruments the signals can be matched to an optimum level by using the gain control. With the MT-/GT-switch it is possible to select between microphones and instruments. In the GT-mode (GT for guitar) the gain control is inactive, in the MT-mode it is active.

Due to the pilot tone system there is no mute-switch needed, because the receiver is muted automatically when the transmitter is switched off. The operating time with two 1.5 V AA batteries is around 20 hours.

Beyerdynamic TS 900 M Features

  • Rugged metal housing (magnesium alloy) 
  • ACT infrared interface for automatic frequency setting
  • 4-pin mini-XLR input connector for connection of microphones and instruments
  • Gain control for input level adjustment
  • Silent On/Off switch
  • Clear LC display indicating group/channel and battery status (5-stage)
  • Operating time 
  • Operating time > 20 hours with 2 x 1,5 V AA batteries
  • Incl. batteries and transport bag

Beyerdynamic TS 900 M Available Frequency Ranges

  • 668-692 MHz, order # 490.407*
  • 774-798 MHz, order # 490.415*
  • 790-814 MHz, order # 490.423
  • 831-865 MHz, order # 490.431

* = FCC approved; other frequency ranges are not for use in the USA or Canada.