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Bose LT 9702 - Mid-High Loudspeaker

by Bose
£3,214.80 inc. vat
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Bose LT 9702 - Mid-High Loudspeaker

The Bose LT 9702 is a high-output, mid/high-frequency loudspeaker designed for use with other LT loudspeakers to form Coherent Zone arrays in medium to large permanent installations requiring precise coverage and high intelligibility. The large-format waveguide and 90° x 70° pattern provide a cost-effective alternative to multiple-cabinet line arrays for many applications.

This version of the LT9702 is meant for indoor use. For our door use please seek the WR model which can also be found on the studiocare website.

Bose LT9702 Features:

  • 90° x 70° coverage for short-throw applications in auditoriums, worship facilities, performing arts centers, stadiums and arenas
  • Mid/high-frequency loudspeaker designed for use in arrays with separate LF augmentation (Bose® MB12 or MB24 bass arrays) or voiceonly applications
  • Bose V2 midrange manifold sums output of 2 x 4.5" (114 mm) extended-range cone drivers for lower breakup distortion and improved transient response. Provides a smoother, more natural vocal range compared to single 8" to 12" woofers. The LT 9702 WR loudspeaker utilizes two Bose V2 midrange manifolds
  • Bose large-format waveguide provides effective 90° x 70° pattern control to approximately 250 Hz (horizontal) and 500 Hz (vertical). Minimizes loudspeaker overlap in arrays to reduce comb-filter interference and improve intelligibility