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Bose LT 9702 WR - Mid-High Weather Resistant Loudspeaker

by Bose
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Bose LT 9702 WR - Mid-High Weather Resistant Loudspeaker

The Bose LT 9702 WR is a high-output, mid/high-frequency loudspeaker designed for use with other LT loudspeakers to form Coherent Zone arrays in medium to large permanent installations requiring precise coverage and high intelligibility. The large-format waveguide and 90° x 70° pattern provide a cost-effective alternative to multiple-cabinet line arrays for many applications.

This version of the LT9702 is Weather Resistant and can be used in all weather conditions. Ideal for outside installations in stadiums/sports arenas.

Bose LT9702 Features:

  • 90° x 70° coverage for short-throw applications in auditoriums, worship facilities, performing arts centers, stadiums and arenas
  • Mid/high-frequency loudspeaker designed for use in arrays with separate LF augmentation (Bose® MB12 or MB24 bass arrays) or voiceonly applications
  • Bose V2 midrange manifold sums output of 2 x 4.5" (114 mm) extended-range cone drivers for lower breakup distortion and improved transient response. Provides a smoother, more natural vocal range compared to single 8" to 12" woofers. The LT 9702 WR loudspeaker utilizes two Bose V2 midrange manifolds
  • Bose large-format waveguide provides effective 90° x 70° pattern control to approximately 250 Hz (horizontal) and 500 Hz (vertical). Minimizes loudspeaker overlap in arrays to reduce comb-filter interference and improve intelligibility