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Burl B16 Mothership BMB5 USB with BAD8 and BDA8 - B-Stock

by Burl
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Burl B16 Mothership BMB5 USB with BAD8 and BDA8 - B-Stock

The B-Stock Burl Audio B16 Mothership is a compact, portable, 2-slot version of the revolutionary B80 Mothership. This versatile digital audio interface provides up to 16 channels of Class A circuitry for adding analog color and character to sterile digital productions. With support for Digilink, MADI, Dante or SoundGrid connectivity, the B16 offers industry-leading IO. The B16 Mothership BMB5 - USB includes a BMB5 USB Motherboard.

This unit is pre-loaded with the Burl BAD8, BDA8 and BMB5 USB cards.

The B16 offers unparalleled flexibility in any recording facility—from music studios to broadcast stations to post-production houses. By utilizing swappable daughter cards, the B16 can be configured to meet your needs.

Each daughter card is equipped with transformers in the input stage and op-amps in the output stage, combining the flexibility and pristine sound of digital audio with the character and attitude of an all Class A discrete signal path.

Create a 16-input tracking system for a world-class mobile recording rig. Set up a 16-output portable mix rig and give your tracks the analog treatment no matter where you go. Configure B16 as an 8-in/8-out hybrid system for the best of both worlds. Create a non-traditional setup using the BAES4 card with 4 channels of AES in and out per card. Distribute up to eight-word clock outputs per BCLK card for advanced post-production projects.

Each B16 Mothership is equipped with a swappable Motherboard for advanced digital connectivity. Choose from four versatile Motherboards for a wide array of digital connection options.

The BMB5 features USB connectivity. Designed exclusively for the B16, the BMB5 provides an easy interface to any computer via USB. If you don’t need high channel count, the B16 with the BMB5 is a great way to go with a BAD8 and BDA8.