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Buzz Audio DPE20 Dual Parametric EQ

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Buzz Audio DPE20 Dual Parametric EQ

The Buzz Audio DPE-20 replaces the  discontinued MPE-1.1 mono parametric equaliser with improved all Class A circuitry and extra features. The four EQ bands plus high and low pass filters offer you extreme flexibility for both tracking and mixing. The high and low shelving bands each have four selectable frequencies.

The low and high bell bands offer control of frequency and bandwidth allowing you to pin point and control any frequency in the audio band without the restriction of fixed frequencies. Individual in/out switches allow you to easily compare the original or equalized material. The gain switch allows you to pad the input 10dB for those sometimes high level signals from DAW's or add 6dB boost for low level inputs.

Buzz Audio DPE-20 Features:

  • The vivid sound of discrete Class A amplifiers in the signal path
  • The lush tone of Lundahl audio output transformers
  • Culmination of 20 years design experience
  • Robust chassis construction
  • On board linear power supply
  • Easy to use control layouts