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BW Broadcast DSPXtraHD - DSPXtra Encore AM, FM & HD Audio Processor - Used

£1,020.00 inc. vat
£850.00 ex. vat
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BW Broadcast DSPXtraHD - Used

This used BW Broadcast DSPXtraHD is in good working condition with some signs of use. The DSPXtraHD is a AM, FM & HD audio processor that corrects and equalizes a wide range of input audio levels, while the peak limiters ensure your broadcast has tightly controlled peak levels. A stereo encoder, and RDS encoder, Shoutcast client and server for streaming in and out of the box, Plan-B audio backup switching and a sophisticated actions and triggers monitoring system complete the package.

A tri-mode broadcast processor for FM, AM and digital radio. Maximum flexibility and at a great price. Dozens of expertly created factory presets enable radio stations to sound great – right out of the box. Experts can tweak hundreds of parameters as much as they desire. Wide-ranging RMS levelling pulls up low level and tames hot signals effortlessly, ensuring a consistent sonic signature, no matter what audio you feed it. Stereo (MPX) generation & peak limiting offer low distortion audio and compliant bandwidth through advanced anti-aliased protection technology. Plan B Silence Detection and Source Switching automatically reverts to auxiliary audio sources or onboard flash memory, keeping your broadcast on air.