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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £50 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

Cloud CX335 Split Band Compressor / Limiter - Used

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Cloud CX335 Split Band Compressor / Limiter - Used

The Cloud CX335 is a dedicated stereo, not dual-mono, system engineering device specifically designed for unobtrusive level control and overload limiting of programme material rather than the “artistic” modification of material as part, say, of the performing process.

*This is a used item. The unit is in very good condition with minor signs of use. Please see images. This unit does NOT come with an anti-tamper cover.

The original design was intended for use with installed entertainment sound systems to maintain control over sound levels and to protect loudspeaker systems from damage due to misuse by unskilled (or recalcitrant) DJ’s, yet the sophisticated device is also applicable in live music, studio recording and broadcast sound systems to protect against overload of recording media or transmitters whilst providing some control of overall programme level leaving, for example a news studio. “Programme dependent” side chain circuitry is used to automatically determine attack and release time constants for the compressor, which offers a choice of “hard-knee”, ratio style compression, or “soft-knee” compression, to maintain consistent programme level.

An effective peak limiter is set by a separate “peak” control to an absolute maximum output level for protection of system elements further down the chain. Compressor “slow” (release), “threshold” and “ratio”, system “gain”, “bypass” and “power” complete the front panel controls. LED bar graphs meter gain reduction and output level. All signal connections are balanced, at line level via XLR style connectors and may be used unbalanced without signal loss.


  • Very easy to install and set up
  • Transparent in operation
  • Frequency dependent automatic attack and release circuits
  • Adjustable threshold and compression ratio
  • Peak limiter settings with LED indicator
  • Envelope option of normal or slow
  • Soft knee or hard knee selection
  • Display for output level and gain reduction
  • Possibility for external VCA attenuator