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Crookwood Paintpot MkII dual channel mic preamp

£1,198.80 inc. vat
£999.00 ex. vat
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The Paintpot Preamp is a 2 channel portable remote controlled mic preamp that can be used by itself, or via a remote controller. It has superb features, good specs and is sonically very clean and neutral. It's been around in various formats for over 10 years, and is widely used by location and studio recording engineers alike

The Paintpot preamp was the first product we designed, back in '93. Since then it's had a couple of makeover's, and now is in it's 3rd incarnation. It's called the Paintpot because it looks like a gallon can of paint, or as some American owners call it, a bucket! This unique styling however has a purpose. The Paintpot was designed for location, or spot recording, and it's shape means that compared to a 19" rack mounted unit:

  • It's easy to carry and place on the floor next to a pair of mics. You can even suspend it from it's handle!
  • It's easy to connect up to and use, as all the connectors and controls are on the top or high up on the sides. Compare this with a 1U pre sitting on the floor.
  • It's built for the job, not for generic industrial racking!

Paintpot Features

  • Each channel has a balanced (XLR) and an unbalanced (TRS jack) input. The pre copes with mics, balanced line, unbalanced line and Instrument signals. Each type of input has a special input stage associated with it.
  • You can choose between high or low input impedance for each type of input signal (mic, line,-10 and DI). This is particularly useful on the DI and mic inputs.
  • A precision low noise 48V power supply can be switched on for phantom mics. A special, (made to order) 130V power supply can be specified for B&K (DPA) 130V mics.
  • The output phase can be reversed. The switch is passive, so no extra circuitry is added when using this feature.
  • Each channel's gain is digitally displayed, and can be set in 1dB increments.
  • The output is hard balanced on a XLR, and the electronics have a high current output capable of driving long lengths of cable.

Digital Outputs

  • A full digital option is provided using a 24bit 192 ADC, with an SRC for the highest sound quality, even when locking to external wordclock.
  • The SRC (sample rate converter) allows the ADC to run off one ultra stable internal crystal clock, for the best sound quality. The SRC adapts the output sample rate to either the incoming wordclock, or the front panel settings. The noise and distortion contribution of the SRC is less than -140dBFs, providing a near transparent interface.
  • Sample rates can be chosen from 44.1 to 192k, and external wordclock.
  • Bit depth can be 24, 20 or 16 bit, with full DSP dithering on the 20 and 16 bit depths.
  • AES, SPDIF and TOSLINK outputs are provided. The SPDIF output can also be changed to a professional unbalanced AES signal, running over terminated coax. This allows you to use the Paintpot digitally over distances of 200M (700ft) plus.
  • Selectable termination of the wordclock, allows you to chain several Paintpots together using a coax T adapter.
  • The ADC card can be supplied at order time, or retro fitted at any time in the future.


  • The top panel is backlit, so you can use it and read it in low ambient light.
  • All features, including gain control, can be controlled locally from the front panel, or remotely by a compact wired remote unit, using a single mic tieline.
  • A standby switch allows for a controlled power down of the unit, keeping all audio circuits active, for the best sound quality, but reducing power consumption.
  • The last user settings are stored and automatically recalled on controlled power down/ power up.
  • All audio connections are made to the top panel for easy connection.