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DBX Zone Pro 641M - 6x4 Zone Processor with 4 x Mic/Line

by DBX
£666.00 inc. vat
£555.00 ex. vat
Usually Ships within 48 hours.

DBX Zone Pro 641m - 6x4 Zone Processor with 4 x Mic/Line

The DBX Zone Pro 641m features 6 inputs and 4 outputs and provides flexible signal routing and DSP power processing for Commercial Audio applications. Using the DBX 641m you can control gain, EQ on all inputs, gating, de-essing, auto gain control, compression and feedback suppression for when using a paging microphone.

You can use the 641m Zone Pro to select different audio sources for your primary output and enable source ducking for when paging to make sure the information can be heard clearly. The 641m is a versatile unit that will give you complete control over your Commercial Audio System with additional advanced processing.

The Zone Pro 641m also has a built in clock that can be programmed so that changes happen throughout the day or week such as volume steadily increase or the source be changed.

DBX Zone Pro 641m Specifications: