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Drawmer Tube Station 2 - Dual Tube Compressor

by Drawmer
£570.00 inc. vat
£475.00 ex. vat
Usually Ships within 48 hours.

The Tube Station 2 (TS2) is a dual mono or stereo linkable soft-knee compressor. Each channel is equipped with a variable Tube Drive control which can be switched out of the signal path for instant A/B comparison. 2 channel Tube soft-knee compressor, Single 'more compress' control, Variable Tube Drive

Tube Station Features

  • 2 channel Tube soft-knee compressor
  • Single 'more compress' control
  • Variable Tube Drive
  • Side chain access
  • Fixed threshold limiter
  • 8 segment gain reduction - input/outputbargraphs
  • Dual mono or stereo modes
  • Variable attack and release controls
  • Analogue output level (does not affect digital out)
  • Balanced XLR +4dB, 1/4 inch Jack -10dB inputs outputs "