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Electrovoice HDC-5 (301813001) Heavy duty stackable cover for ZX5 and ZX4

£94.80 inc. vat
£79.00 ex. vat
Please contact us for availability.

HDC-5 is a heavy duty cover that fits the Zx5 and Zx4. Designed to protect the enclosure during storage, the HDC-5 has heavy duty padding on all sides. HDC-5 utilizes durable 1000D Black Cordura laminated to foam.

The HDC-5 has a built-in hard top so that one enclosure can be safely stacked on top of another. This is accomplished with a two-ply corrugated top structure with internal rubber protective feet. The rear of the HDC-5 features a transparent vinyl pocket that accepts normal cardstock inserts to help identify model and/or serial numbers.

This is especially helpful with Zx5 as it is available in different horn patterns. The side of HDC-5 has a circular opening that gives access to the handle on the enclosure. This makes it easy to transport the enclosure with HDC-5 maintaining its protective capabilities.