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Free UK Mainland Shipping On Orders over £99 - Got a question? Call 0151-236-7800

Eve Audio SC305 - 3-Way Active Studio Monitor

£642.00 inc. vat
£535.00 ex. vat
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The Eve Audio SC305 is a 3-Way 5" Active Monitor incorporating innovative technology and design to deliver a truly professional monitor speaker.

The SC305 features a pair of 5" woofers designed with professional music and post-production studios in mind. The SC305 monitors are versatile enough to be used in both critical stereo and surround applications. Accuracy and efficiency are maintained by feeding one woofer with up to 350Hz and the other delivering up to 3kHz, ensuring better response and low end.

The SC305, like all EVE Audio monitors, are built on proprietry technology to the highest standards. The results of critical listening tests, as well as technical analysis, have produced monitors that can truly deliver in the studio, as well as translate to all listening environments. Innovative features and design are common to the range, including glass fibre coated SilverCone woofers, Air Motion Tweeters, high-performance bass ports, intuitive DSP control, and speaker protection.

DSP is handled by a dedicated, and electrically shielded, microcontroller that use a Burr-Brown A/D converter to digitise the analogue input, which then directly feeds the PWM-amplifiers. This simplicity results in a great-sounding monitor that can be controlled by a simple front panel knob on the speaker, and to protect the set-up from accidental tweaking the DSP can be locked by way of side-mounted DIP switches.

Bass ports have been placed at the back of the monitor, and have been tuned to get the best possible punch from the low end at all volume levels. This coupled with the stiff honeycombed drivers deliver serious power but retain the crispness and tightness that is required. To protect the AMT ribbon tweeter a magnetically attached protection grille or "Grid" can be snapped into place and removed as and when desired.

All of this great innovation makes the Eve Audio SC305 3-Way 5" Active Monitor the perfect choice for professional producers and engineers, combining high-quality design with practical features and complete sonic control.

Eve Audio SC305 Specifications

  • Dimensions (WxHxD - mm) - 425 x 180 x 250
  • Dimensions (WxHxD - inches) - 16.73 x 7.09 x 9.84
  • Free-field frequency range (-3dB) - 50Hz - 21kHz
  • Tweeter - AMT RS3
  • Mid-Woofer - 130mm/5"
  • Woofer - 130mm/5"
  • Cross-over frequency - 350Hz/2800Hz
  • Maximum SPL @ 1m - 108dB
  • Amplifiers - 3
  • Amplifiers (short-term outp. power) - 50W
  • Protection limiter
  • Volume - -inf. - +6dB
  • High-shelve filter (-5dB - +3dB) - > 3kHz
  • Desk filter (-5dB - +3dB) - 180Hz
  • Low-shelve filter (-5dB - +3dB) - < 300Hz
  • Level-fix dip switch
  • Filter-fix dip switch
  • Woofer-change dip switch
  • XLR in (impedance) - (10k)
  • RCA in (impedance) - (10k)
  • Standby - < 1W
  • Full output - 110VA
  • Weight kg/lb. - 8.5 / 18.7