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Pioneer 2xCDJ-350, DJM-350 HDJ-500-K Pack

by Pioneer
£1,469.00 inc. vat
£1,224.17 ex. vat

Pioneer CDJ-350 & DJM-350 Package

This Pioneer package contains CDJ-350x2, DJM-350, HDJ-500-K headphones and flight case making this package great for beginners. Pioneer provides great quality audio with user friendly controls to allow you to manipulate audio how you see fit. This package contains the equipment that will allow you to mix live music, add effects, record your sessions and much more.

The Pioneer DJM-350 2 Channel DJ Mixer great for first time DJs hardware inherits similar functions and operability of the Pioneer DJM series of mixers often experienced in the club scene. Equipped with four separate effects as well as an isolated 3-band equaliser, the DJM350 allows the DJ to make unique mixes. The front USB port allows you to record live DJ mixes onto USB storage devices to playback or show other at a later date.

The Pioneer CDJ-350s makes it easy for anyone to practice their DJ Skills and make music. These decks bring Pioneer's pro-quality sound and mixing tools to the masses. With the feature of Rekordbox software the CDJ350 intelligently analyses the tracks you import, and via a cunning mix of BPM counting, beat positioning and other programming voodoo, groups tracks by genre, album and artist, ensuring that you have fast coherent command of you playlists making this pair od CDJ-350’s great for using with the DJM-350.

CDJ-350 Features

  • Playback From CD/CDR/CDRW or USB Flash Drive
  • Playback of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF
  • Rekordbox Music Management Software uses Audio, BPM and Beat Position Analysis to Organise Music Files by Artist, Album or Genre
  • BEAT Display Function Visually Illustrates the Beat Position of a Song
  • Auto Beat Loop Functions: Beat Loop, Loop Divide and Hot Loop
  • Auto BPM Lock Allows You to Set a Master BPM Which the CDJ350 will then Spin Your Tracks at Automatically
  • Create Playlist Function: While a song is playing, You can add it to a New Playlist with the Touch of a Button
  • Comprehensive Midi Compatibility Allows You to use the CDJ350 as an Audio Interface for Popular DJ Software
  • Vibration Resistance Utilizing Shock-Proof Memory3 and Floating Architecture
  • Four Level Tempo Settings: (+6%, +10%, +16% and WIDE)
  • Resume Function: Remove a Disc and Resume Playback at the Same Spot when the Disc is Reloaded
  • Waveform Synchronization Monitor

DJM-350 Features

  • Directly Record Mixes to USB Devices as Wav Files
  • MIC/AUX Input
  • High Power Headphones Out
  • Four On-Board Effects: Filter - Filters out the high or low frequency bands, Crush - Accents sound by moderately crushing it, Jet - Applies a jet plane taking off or landing to the music, Gate - Alters the rhythm of a track by cutting the range which characterizes the rhythm component
  • Isolated 3-Band Equalizer
  • Peak level meters indicate the input levels of each channel
  • Crossfader Curve Adjustment Function

Pioneer HDJ-500-K Features

  • Lightweight stylish design utilising HDJ-2000 technology
  • Sound engineered to strongly reproduce low and mid level frequencies
  • Latest technology produces crystal clear sound
  • 60 degrees rotating arm and flexible headband for DJ monitoring
  • 3m cord for DJ use & 1m interchangeable short chord included for listening on the go