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Rosendahl Nanosyncs HD Universal Audio Clock Reference

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Nanosyncs is a universal synchronisable audio clock reference with multiple outputs and integrated video black & burst generator. Nanosyncs makes studio setups less complicated, more flexible and optimizes audio quality. When each digital audio device receives a separate clock signal, the digital audio connections are not used as clock lines and can be patched freely. Nanosyncs provides six separate word clock, one AES / EBU, one SPDIF and four video outputs.

The word clock outputs can be individually configured as FS x1 (44.100 / 48.000 kHz), FS x2 (88.200 / 96.000 kHz), FS x4 (176.4 / 192 kHz) or FS x256 (also known as Digidesign Super Clock) signals. The unit provides 0.1% (1001/1000) and 4% (25/24) pull up and pull down rates for audio, video and film transfers. The audio clock synthesiser can be resolved to the internal 1ppm accurate video time base, to external PAL or NTSC video syncs, to an external audio word clock or even to free running LTC time code. All audio clock signals are direct digital sythesised (DDS) by a high speed RISC controller giving 73 pico seconds resolution. The pure digital technique reduces clock jitter to below measurable levels.

The internal video sync generator is available as PAL or NTSC version. In "Internal" mode the four video outputs are connected to the internal black & burst generator. In all other operation modes the video outputs distribute the video input signal. Each of the four video outputs is individually buffered. The unit has a robust aluminium housing and a built-in linear power supply.

Rosendahl Nanosyncs Features

  • Universal synchronisable audio clock reference with multiple outputs and integrated video black & burst generator
  • 1 ppm accurate internal video time base
  • DDS audio clock synthesiser reduces clock jitter below measurable levels
  • Video input: BNC female, 75 ohms terminated, PAL/ NTSC composite sync
  • Word clock input: BNC female, 75 ohms terminated, 1,5 - 5 Vpp, 40 - 51 kHz or 80 - 102 kHz
  • LTC input / through: 2 x BNC female, parallel connected, -40 to +20 dBu, 10k ohms
  • SPDIF output: RCA female, coaxial 75 ohms, 0,5 Vpp, IEC 958
  • AES / EBU output: XLR 3-pin male, transformer balanced, 110 ohms, 3,5 Vpp, AES-3 (FS x1 or FS x2)
  • Word clock outputs: 6 x BNC female, 75 ohms, 3.5 Vpp @ 75 ohms, individual configurable output multipliers: FS x1, FS x2, FS x4 or FS x256, with four different output configuration setups
  • Video outputs: 4 x BNC female, 75 ohms, 1 Vpp @ 75 ohms, PAL or NTSC video sync (black & burst)
  • Audio clock synthesiser: FS x1, FS x2, Fs x4, FS x256 from sample frequencies 42.336, 44.056, 44.100, 44.144, 45.937 kHz 46.080, 47.952, 48.000, 48.048, 50.000 kHz, lock range to external LTC is +/- 10% of nominal speed, lock range to external word clock is 40 - 51 kHz or 80 - 102 kHz, random jitter amplitude < 200 ps in all operation modes, clock jitter < 12 ps within the audio spectrum (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
  • Internal time base: +/- 1 ppm @ ambient temperature 15 - 30 Celsius
  • Video sync generator: PAL or NTSC version available, 300 mV H/V-sync level, 300 mV burst level
  • Power supply: integrated linear power supply, 10 watts, 115 VAC or 230 VAC version available
  • Dimensions: 1U-19" 415mm W x 42mm H x 140mm D
  • Weight: 1.8 kg