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Free UK Mainland Shipping On orders over £50 - Need an item urgently? Click here for the latest product availability info

Sonifex RB-DSS10 - 10 Way Stereo Digital Source Selector

by Sonifex
£821.94 inc. vat
£684.95 ex. vat
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Sonifex RB-DSS10

The Sonifex RB-DSS10 digital source selector is a 1U rack-mount which produces an AES/EBU and S/PDIF level digital audio output from 10 selectable AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital input signals. There are 10 illuminated front panel push-buttons, which select and indicate the current channel selection. The selection and indication is also available through a remote connector on the rear panel. To stop accidental front panel selection there is a remote input to inhibit the front panel buttons.

The digital receivers in this unit are fully 24 bit, 96kHz capable. When an input is selected from the front panel, or remotely, the unit will attempt to capture the incoming signal on either the AES/EBU or the S/PDIF signal inputs, with priority given to the AES/EBU input. If the AES/EBU signal becomes locked while the S/PDIF signal is routed, the unit will automatically switch to the incoming AES/EBU signal.

Once the receiver has successfully locked to a digital input, the LED illuminates, the tally is made, and the audio is routed simultaneously to both the digital audio outputs and converted to analogue audio for monitoring on the front panel headphone socket. If the incoming audio signal is not present, the push-button LED and remote tally flash to indicate that the incoming digital signal is missing.

The headphone output has its own volume control, which is independent of the level adjustment for the main outputs, and has a maximum output level of +12dBu.

As well as routing the selected audio signal, the unit will also route a remote signal input through the remote connector to the selected input source, for starting external audio equipment, such as a CD player.

There is a designation strip on the front panel, useful for giving the buttons a meaningful description. The LED on the front panel is used to indicate that power is present on the unit. However, it also has a secondary role to indicate whether the selected channel is routing the AES/EBU (red LED) or S/PDIF input (amber LED).

Sonifex RB-DSS10 Specifications

Audio Specification

  • Input Impedance:
    • 110Ω ±20% balanced (AES/EBU)
    • 75Ω ±5% unbalanced (S/PDIF)
  • Output Impedance:
    • 110Ω ±20% balanced (AES/EBU)
    • 75Ω ±5% unbalanced (S/PDIF)
  • Signal Level:
    • 3V/10V peak to peak min/max (AES/EBU)
    • 0.5V ±20% peak to peak (S/PDIF)
  • Sample Freq Range: 30-100kHz (i.e. including 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 64kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz), following input signal
  • Bit Depth: Up to and including 24 bits, following input signal
  • Max Headphone Output Level: +12dBu   


  • Audio Inputs:
    • 8 x AES/EBU XLR 3 pin female
    • 2 x AES/EBU (part of 1 x 25 way D-type plug)
    • 10 x S/PDIF (part of 1 x 25 way D-type plug)
  • Audio Outputs:
    • 1 x AES/EBU XLR 3 pin male 
    • 1 x S/PDIF (part of 1 x 25 way D-type plug)
  • Remote Start I/O: 1 x 25 way D-type plug (male)
  • Remote Input Select & Switch Inputs: 1 x 25 way D-type socket (female)
  • Status Outputs: 1 x 25 way D-type socket (female)
  • Headphone Outputs: 6 x ¼” (6.35mm) A-gauge 3-pole stereo jack sockets
  • Mains Input: Filtered IEC, continuously rated 85-264VAC @ 47-63Hz, max 10W
  • Fuse Rating: Anti-surge fuse 1A 20 x 5mm      

Physical Specification

  • Dimensions:
    • 48cm (W) x 10.8cm (D) x 4.2cm (H) (1U)
    • 19” (W) x 4.3” (D) x 1.7” (H) (1U)
  • Weight:
    • Nett: 1.6kg  Gross: 2.2kg
    • Nett: 3.5lbs Gross: 4.8lbs