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SSL LMC+ Classic Listen Mic Compressor - 500 Series

by SSL
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SSL LMC+ Classic Listen Mic Compressor - 500 Series 

The SSL LMC+ is a developed and enhanced version of the classic SSL listen mic compressor. Originally designed to prevent overloading the return feed from a studio communications mic, its fixed attack and releases were discovered to be extremely useful for parallel processing on ambient drum mics.

This all-new version of the LMC includes a pair of classic SSL High Pass and Low Pass filters to allow targeting of a specific frequency range, a filters to compressor side chain option and a wet/dry blend control.

Two additional superb new tools are added to give the LMC+ a distinctive sonic twist; a 'Scoop' button that phase inverts the wet signal, as well as a unique 'Split' button that engages a bandpass subtraction mode. Used together and separately and in conjunction with the filters and sidechain, the new controls give LMC+ a distinctive tonal edge with a range of creative possibilities.


  • Trim 
    • The Trim control adjusts the gain of the wet path signal through the module, prior to the compressor’s gain element. This provides up to 20dB of boost or cut to the signal level. The control has a centre detent at 0dB
  • LMC Circuit
    • The compressor section incorporates a bi-colour GR LED to show gain reduction, and a variable threshold control with automatic make up gain to change the severity of the compression effect. The IN switch takes the compressor in/out of the wet signal path.
  • High & Low Pass Filters
    • Variable High and Low Pass Filter sections can be switched into the main wet signal path via the IN switch or SPLIT switch or, by using the SC switch, placed in the side chain of the compressor circuit to provide frequency dependant compression. With the SPLIT switch active, the filtered wet signal is cancelled out of the dry path.
  • Mix Section
    • Variable balance between the dry and processed (wet) signals for parallel compression and for frequency selective processing in conjunction with the Split and Scoop Modes.
  • Scoop Switch
    • The ‘Scoop’ switch, inverts the polarity of the signal into the compressor. In conjunction with the WET/DRY Control and the HF and LF filters, some unusual inverse compression effects can be obtained.
  • Split Switch
    • The ‘Split’ Switch reconfigures the unit as a band selective compressor. With the ‘Split’ mode active, the filters determine the bandwidth of the signal feeding the compressor and, at the same time, the selected band is removed from the DRY path. The WET/DRY Control determines the amount the compressed filtered signal that is returned back to DRY path.


  • Enhanced version of the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor
  • from the legendary SL4000E console
  • Fixed attack and release curves ideal for use on ambient drums mics
  • SSL High Pass and Low Pass filters
  • Filters to compressor side chain feature
  • Wet/dry blend control
  • 'Scoop' button that phase inverts the wet signal
  • 'Split' button engages a bandpass subtraction mode