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Free UK Mainland Shipping On orders over £50 - Need an item urgently? Click here for the latest product availability info

TC Electronic D22 On-Line Broadcast Delay - Used

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TC Electronic D22 On-Line Broadcast Delay - Used

The TC Electronic D22 is all about precise and reliable delay, as broadcasted audio needs to be 100% aligned and in-sync. Therefore, you may sometimes have to insert just a slight delay. It may seem like an insignificant adjustment, but in reality, it makes all the difference!

This is a used item. The unit is in excellent condition with some minor signs of use. Please see images.

  • Make It Fit - High-resolution Delay for Broadcast Master Control and Linking
  • Take Total Control - Nudge and Tap Keys for Easy Front-panel Adjustments
  • Flexible Format Handling - Delays Linear Audio as well as Dolby E or AC3 Streams

Unique Interface

  • You can display the delay resolution in frames, sub-frames, milliseconds and sub-milliseconds (0.1 ms increments).
  • The tapped delay time can be previewed before insertion, or you can choose to apply delay time immediately.
  • You also get a 'Set and Forget' lock function if you use D22 in a 'fixed' environment.

Remote Control

  • You can remote control D22 via an RS-485 connector which allows you to change the delay time, or even the full setup, from a distance.
  • GPI (General Purpose Impulse) even gives you to external control of Tap Tempo as well as the Master Fader output.

Ultimate Hardware

  • Industry-leading 24-bit AES/EBU, S/PDIF and AD/DA converters are just part of the story.
  • Even when bypassing D22, true 24-bit resolution is maintained, leaving the digital signal untouched.
  • When used in Analog setups, D22 features hardwired bypass for an uninterrupted signal flow in case of loss of power.

TC Electronic D22 Features

  • Seamless Delay Update: No Unwanted Artifacts such as Clicks or Pitch Changes
  • Digital I/O: AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Wordclock BNC 75ohm
  • Massive Delay: 5200 ms Per Channel 
  • AD/DA Converters: Analog 24 bit
  • Ultimate Delay Resolution: True 24-bit 
  • Sample Rates: Internal 44.1, 48kHz / External 32, 44.1, 48kHz
  • Sample Rate Conversion: From 31-49kHz
  • Total Recall: Programmable Setups
  • Tap Delay Time: Instant or Preview
  • Delay Time Resolution: Frames (various resolutions), Sub-frames, Fields, Milliseconds and Sub-ms (0.1 ms steps)
  • Delay Time Adjustment: Separate Dial and Nudge 
  • Digital Output Fader: Remote Controllable
  • Remote Control, RS-485: for Recall Setup (Input only)
  • Remote Control, GPI: Delay Time Adjustment of the Digital Output Fader or Tapped Delay Time
  • Lock Mode: for 'Set & Forget' Purposes in a fixed environment