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Free UK Mainland Shipping On orders over £50 - Need an item urgently? Click here for the latest product availability info

Yamaha QL1 - 32 Mono, 8 Stereo Compact Digital Mixing Console

by Yamaha
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£12,240.00 inc. vat
£10,200.00 ex. vat
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Yamaha QL1 - Compact Digital Mixing Console

The Yamaha QL1 is a compact, rack mount-able digital mixing console with an advanced feature set taken from the premium Yamaha CL series. The Yamaha QL 1 has 32 mono + 8 stereo mix capability and 16 + 2 master faders. There are 16 high quality mic/line pre amps built into the QL1 which are the same spec as the CL series mixing desks.

The QL series consoles achieve outstanding audio purity from input to output, providing a solid sonic foundation that makes it possible to take full advantage of premium internal processors such as the Portico 5033/5043 created in cooperation with Rupert Neve. In fact, all of the effect and EQ processing capability that was packed into the CL series consoles is provided in the QL consoles as well. Built-in automatic mixing functionality from Dan Dugan Sound Design supports a wide range of speech and broadcast applications.

Yamaha QL1 Features

  • 32 Mono + 8 Stereo Input Mix capability
  • 16 + 2 Master Faders
  • 16 Mic/Line inputs
  • 8 Analog Omni Outputs
  • Built-in recallable HA, identical to CL and R-series
  • Direct file compatibility with CL. No need to use Console File Converter Software
  • 16 Mix + 8 Matrix + Stereo + Mono outputs (Matrix can be utilized as additional Mix sends for a total of 24 Mix Outputs)
  • 16 DCAs, 16 Mute Groups with Dimmer function
  • Large Touchscreen with excellent viewing angle and daylight visibility, same as CL
  • Touch-and-turn operation along with Selected Channel controls
  • Onboard Dante network with Primary/Secondary ports for redundancy or daisy chain
  • 2 MY-Card Slots for additional I/O expansion or DSP processing such as Lake or Waves SoundGrid
  • 8U Premium Rack featuring digital emulations of classic devices, Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5033 5-Band EQ and 5043 Compressor, as well as a unique Dynamic EQ
  • 8U Effect Rack with enhanced presets for Sound Reinforcement
  • 16U GEQ Rack featuring the Flex15 option for 32 GEQs
  • 8 or 16 channels of Dugan Automixing. These units can be used in exchange for GEQ units
  • Built-in 2-Track Recording to an external USB memory stick
  • Control of Nuendo Live software (sold separately)
  • Dante Virtual Soundcard License included
  • QL Editor for PC/Mac and StageMix for iPad® will also be available at no charge