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Yamaha SB 168-ES - 16/8 Ethersound Digital 3U Stage Box

by Yamaha
£4,000.00 inc. vat
£3,333.33 ex. vat
Usually Ships within 48 hours.

The SB168-ES is an affordable 3U-size stage box that utilizes EtherSound technology to propagate digital sound signals. When connected to popular all-in-one digital consoles like the PM5D, LS9, or M7CL, the SB168-ES offers superb support for live sound. 16 channels of sonically-superb remote analog input - each with its own head amp - and 8 channels of analog output. Multiple units may be daisy-chained in sequence for simultaneous use. The SB168-ES also functions as both as a conventional EtherSound device - an analog input-output box. Compared to a conventional analog console + analog multicore the SB168-ES is noise resistant, and lets you boost quality by keeping the length of microphone cables as short as possible. Even more, the SB168-ES is easy to set up, so that any time, effort, or money needed for equipment installation are significantly reduced.

Yamaha SB 168-ES Features

  • An affordable 3U-size stage box that utilizes reliable, low-latency EtherSound technology for digital audio signal transmission.
  • 16 channels of sonically superb remote analog input - each with its own mic/line head amp - plus 8 channels of analog output.
  • Audio can be transferred over distance up to 100 meters via standard CAT5e Ethernet cables (maximum distance may depend on cable performance).
  • The SB-168ES can be used as a general-purpose analog-EtherSound I/O box.
  • Handles uncompressed 24-bit audio at 44.1kHz and 48kHz sampling rates.
  • Internal head amplifier gain and +48V phantom power switching can be remotely controlled from a compatible digital mixing console or from at AuviTran AVS-ES Monitor software.
  • Up to four SB-168ES units can be linked to provide a total of 64 inputs and 32 outputs (maximum number may depend on the mixing console used).
  • An ideal choice for use with popular digital consoles such as the Yamaha PM5D, LS9, or M7CL.
  • Compared to conventional analog console + analog multi-core systems the SB-168ES provides exceptionally high noise resistance and makes it possible to keep microphone cables short for optimum signal quality.
  • Easy set-up reduces the time, effort, and cost of installation.