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Kii Audio Three Pro Pair & Kii Control - DSP controlled High-End Speaker System

by Kii
£15,540.00 inc. vat
£12,950.00 ex. vat
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Kii Audio Three Pro Pair & Kii Control

The Kii THREE Pro pair with Kii CONTROL makes this monitor pair a complete playback system that offers the highest sonic quality and usability. The Kii THREEs are professional high-end monitor speaker designed to deliver amazingly accurate audio reproduction in most acoustic surroundings.

Taking advantage of the highly advanced controlled dispersion technology and linear reproduction the THREE Pro speakers will deliver the response, feel and impact of a big main monitor systems, while being a compact and beautifully designed into a rugged high density grey spatter finish (can be customised).

This perfect small-scale speaker offers a linear frequency response, and faultless impulse response and phase coherence; sharing 1.500 watts per speaker divided across six drivers into a compact and lightweight enclosure.

Intelligent DSP processing provides the Kii THREE Pro with a cardioid sound dispersion pattern down to the low-mid and bass frequencies, which otherwise can only be achieved by wide baffles, big cabinets or soffit mounting speakers (infinite baffle design). In studios with less than perfect acoustics, this offers performance monitoring never experienced before.

The Kii CONTROL offers a user interface for your speakers and works like a digital preamplifier. Only connect your analog source, CD player/drive, server, streamer, TV set or set top box to enjoy a breath-takingly audiophile full range system in a stunningly small footprint.

All inputs are located on the backside connector panel and can be activated with the touch buttons located around the volume knob. A dedicated input button (labeled XLR) will switch to the existing hardware input on the speaker itself, which you can continue to use as analog or digital input.

The Kii Control connects with a single included CAT6 cable and is also powered through this connection. No additional power supply is necessary. Most importantly the Kii CONTROL enables lossless volume control inside the DSP of the Kii THREEs, keeping the signal path of the system as transparent as possible.

This monitor's default colour is grey spatter but can be custom coloured any color that suits your needs in a high gloss, matt or metallic finish. For any specific colour or finish contact us through the Live Chat, Email or call us on +44 (0) 151 707 4545



  • Type: Compact DSP-controlled monitor speaker
  • Drivers: 4x 6.5" woofer, 1x5" midrange, 1" wave-guided tweeter, all individually driven
  • Amplification: 6x250W full-custom Ncore driven by six individual DACs
  • Crossover: Active Wave Focusing crossover filter
  • Frequency response: 20Hz...25kHz +/- 0.5dB
  • Phase response: minimum (best possible time coherence).
  • Long term SPL: 105dB
  • Short term SPL: 110dB
  • Peak SPL: 115dB
  • Controlled Directivity: 4.8dB (80Hz - 1kHz, slowly rising thereafter)
  • Size: 20x40x40cm, 8"x16"x16" (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 17kg (37lbs)
  • Inputs: Analogue, AES/EBU

Kii controle

  • Additional Audio Inputs:
    • 1 x SPDIF
    • 1 x TOSLINK
    • 1 x USB (up to PCM 24/384kHz and DSD64/DSD128)
  • KiiLink Output: Power and Data Connection to Kii THREE Master speaker
  • Capacitive Touch Buttons:
    • Direct Source Access - SPDIF, TOSLINK, USB, XLR
    • Preset - up to 6, user definable
    • Exit/Enter - Menu Navigation
  • Display: OLED Display (full colour)
  • Size: 11cm x 5cm x16cm (W x H x L)
  • Weight: 380g