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Free UK Mainland Delivery for Orders Over £99 - Need some advice? Talk to the team on 0151-236-7800
Free UK Mainland Delivery for Orders Over £99

Service: Microphone Repair

We have the experience and the equipment, alongside a massive stock of spare parts to repair and service a wide range of professional microphones from manufacturers including Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica and Bock Audio amongst others.

We have annually calibrated test equipment from Lindos, Neutrik and NTI to ensure an accurate repair or service.

We can help diagnose any issues if your microphone:

  • Has become intermittent
  • Is distorting
  • Is dull sounding (has an uncharacteristic EQ)
  • Appears dead with no sound at all
  • Has faulty switches (polar-pattern select, pad select, on-off switch etc…)

Common services we offer include:

  1. Power supply repair (loss of 48v)
  2. Capsule replacement
  3. Capsule cleaning
  4. Replacement capacitors in older microphones (eg. older AKG C414’s)
  5. Replacement XLR connectors
  6. Tube mic cable repair or new build

Valve Stock

We hold a vast inventory of high quality modern, NOS (New Old Stock) and vintage tubes. Our custom valve tester helps us select the the best tubes for you microphone.


If you have an older microphone that needs a bit of love, we can give it a service and clean to make sure it is operating to the best of its ability. Any dirt or dust on components in vintage and valve microphone can dramatically reduce performance.

We offer recapping of older microphones like the C414 to bring them back to their former glory.


If you are looking to modify your microphone and alter the character, we can help with changing the capsule or tube, or even upgrading the transformer; a common modification of the Shure SM57 & SM58.

Repair & Service Charges

Items for assessment and repair are subject to an inspection charge of £90.00 (ex. vat), which will be waived from any repair charge.

Labour is charged at £90.00 (ex. vat) per hour, with the majority of repairs being carried out between one and two hours. For more complicated jobs, we will advise an estimated turnaround and cost before any work is undertaken.