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Neve 1073 OPX Review by Alec Brits

Neve 1073 OPX Review by Alec Brits

The Neve 1073 OPX is a device that is appealing to three distinct users.

  • The producer/engineer who wants to add a healthy dose of 8 Neve 1073 stye Mic Pre's to their tone pallet.
  • The Dante Audio Network users who would like to integrate up to 8 of these units in one go.
  • And finally the serious songwriter/producers who demand the highest quality and flexibility out of an interface.

That is no easy feat to fit into a 2U 8 channel device.

This unit delivers serious tone, more open and defined than I was expecting, that is not to say that it is clinical or cold. It glues musical components together effortlessly, while still allowing for a little of that air and definition we expect from AMS Neve. After having the review unit for a month, I am aware of the hole gaping hole in my work flow. Having the ease of connections both front and rear has got me scrambling for DI boxes and patch cables all over again. Having recorded 4 full productions with this unit, a variety of genres and instruments, I can honestly say that any reservations I had before using it are now not only gone, but the Neve 1073 OPX has exceeded my expectations. 

The price is high when you think of it as a stand alone unit, but when you think of it as 8 Neve Transformer Balanced Input Mic Pre's, 8 DI Inputs and the possibility of it being an interface via Dante or USB, its a seriously good deal. 

Interesting how this has come out just before the very intriguing new 8424 console. I find myself looking at my current console wondering if its days are numbered. 

If you would like to hear this unit in action please enjoy the in depth demo and walkthrough of the unit. 

Thank you for reading, 

Alec Brits

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