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A-Designs Mix Factory - 16 Channel Summing mixer

£3,608.40 inc. vat
£3,007.00 ex. vat
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A-Designs Mix Factory - 16 Channel Summing mixer

The A Designs Mix Factory is a 16 channel analogue summing mixer, with two insert points, which delivers analogue warmth with the depth and image need to make your mixes stand out from the crowd.

There are 16 channels (which are 2 D-sub inputs summing to a stereo XLR out). All 16 channels have a continuous Gain Knob, Pan (centre detent), and Mute that acts as a signal indicator with an audio sensitive LED. The LED indicator glows when signal is passing into the channel and intensifies when the signal is stronger. The same Mute button changes colour to Red, when used as a mute, to Green when signal is passing through the channel.

There are 2, Eight-Channel groups: 1-8 and 9-16. Each group has an Insert for a Compressor or EQ. There is also a Master Insert for all 16 Channels, along with 3 Mute buttons for each Insert.

The   MIX   FACTORY   has   a   pushbutton   option   to   go   from   clean   (the   standard   setup   bypassing   the   transformers)   to   tonal,  using   the   custom-made   output   transformers   made   by   Cinemag.  The   difference   between   transformers   and   no   transformers   is  night and day. This gives you an option for analogue tone and/or colour.