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ART-PDB - Passive Direct Box

by ART
£36.00 inc. vat
£30.00 ex. vat
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The ART-PDB is a high quality totally passive interface that lets you connect instrument, line, or speaker level signals to a mixer or other balanced input through a high performance audio isolation transformer. The high 1/4" input is converted by the transformer into an isolated balanced low impedance signal source.The Direct Box's audio transformer has an extremely flat and wide frequency response and can handle high signal levels while still maintaining an isolated balanced low impedance output.

This gives it a very clean sound as well as being able to transfer the audio to a number of sources. The Ground Lift switch lets you separate the input and output signal grounds, this reduces hum and vibration noise.The ART-PDB has extended features and versatility. A recently added filter cuts out the very high frequency interference. The primary purpose of this is the reduce radio frequency before it makes it to the main system. The filter also works with computer noise, greatly decreasing internal computer noise.


  • Fully passive, high performance transformer design. No battery required.
  • Converts 50k ohm inputs into 600 ohm balanced outputs
  • Switchable input attenuation (0, -20, -40 dB) Switchable low pass filter
  • Switchable phase invert
  • Switchable ground lift (fully isolates inputs from chassis and outputs)
  • XLR connectors for balanced outputs
  • Rugged extruded aluminum case


  • Frequency Response: 10Hz -50kHz, +/-.5dB @ +4dBu
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: .01% Typical @ 1kHz, +18dBu, <.05>
  • Input Connections: ¼ - inch TRS unbalanced, 50k Ω
  • Output Connections: XLR male balanced, 600 Ω
  • Output Phase: Switchable, Normal/Invert
  • Ground Lift: Switchable, fully isolates inputs from chassis and output
  • Input Attenuation: Switchable, (0dB, -20dB, -40dB)
  • Filter Type / Response: Switchable, Low Pass, -3dB @30kHz
  • Dimensions: 1.75"H x 4.2"D x 3.5"W (44.5mm x 107mm x 89mm)
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs (0.35 kg)