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MTR DI2P Passive 2 channel DI box

by MTR
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MTR DI-2P Passive 2 Channel DI Box

The MTR DI-2P is a high quality, dual channel passive D.I. box, housed in the same all steel box used for our active models. It features a 47Kohm jack input socket, three position attenuation, and link output for connection to an on-stage combo etc. for use with keyboards Uniquely, it is fitted with two wide band low distortion transformers, one on each leg, providing a totally isolated, balanced 600 ohm output to an XLR.

A ground lift switch is fitted, and the unit can also be used in reverse to unbalance a balanced signal - useful when feeding a phantom powered balanced mic into a mono input such as a video recorder or unbalanced mixer-amplifier. Another application: if you like the sound that your guitar/bass/vocal learning device gives (e.g. Tascam CD-GTMkII) you can connect it to the DI box input, and the output to your guitar/bass/PA amp, to retain the sound of the trainer. Weight: 0.4Kg