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Overstayer Saturator NT-02A - Dual Channel Harmonic & Distortion Processor

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Overstayer Saturator NT-02A - Dual Channel Harmonic & Distortion Processor

The Overstayer Saturator NT-02A is a dual channel harmonic and distortion processor capable of colouring just about any audio in your mix. The Overstayer NT-02A has a wide range of sounds from subtle tape saturation style effects which are great for adding some grit to a rock vocal or extreme distortion for making your synth or kick drum sound huge!

Each channel of the NT-02A has a blend control so you can find the perfect amount of distortion parallel to your source sound. The NT-02A can even be used in mastering applications for processing an entire mix to give it a subtle livening up.

Overstayer Saturator NT-02A Features:

  • Low Cut: A bypass-able 12dB (2-pole) high pass filter with resonance control.  Wide range sweepable from 30Hz to 4.7KHz.  This Low Cut helps define the shape of the distortion and harmonics from the stages that follow.
  • RES: The Resonance control for the Low Cut.  Controls the amount of peaking introduced at the cutoff frequency.  With high resonant peaks dialed in at low frequencies, the filter can add huge amounts of low end while cutting sub frequencies below the Low Cut selection.  At max setting the resonance can be driven into oscillation.  This oscillation can be used to tune the resonance to desired frequency and backed off when found.  Monstrous kick drums, giant Dub-style basses, telephone filter effects and self-oscillating harmonics are all possible with the Saturator’s filter section.
  • Boost: Adds a fixed amount of clean gain to raise low signal levels and/or overdrive the next stage engaged.  It also engages a pad after the Gain amp to compensate for the added gain.  Functions like a clean boost pedal on the front end of a guitar amplifier.
  • Saturation: Controls the amount of non-linear amp saturation and soft clipping, ranging from subtle harmonic sweetening to extreme analog saturation.  The Saturation section can be bypassed, while still allowing access to filters and the Shape 3 circuit.
  • High Cut: A fixed 6dB lowpass filter at 6KHz can be engaged to tame high frequencies especially in high gain circumstances.
  • Gain: A Discrete op-amp primarily provides clean gain, but can be clipped via Boost or high gain settings.
  • Shape 3: Shape 3 activates a Pre and Post emphasis filter to shape the distortion response of the entire circuit, adding 3rd order harmonic saturation.  This functions similarly to tape saturation and can be used in conjunction with the Saturation section or independently.
  • Blend: This controls the balance between the source signal and the processed signal.
  • Output: This sets the final output level post-Blend.
  • In:The master bypass for both channels.