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Wunder Audio Wunderbar 16 Console - 16 Channel, 32 Monitors, 1 Powerbar PSU, Exquisite Trim

£71,940.00 inc. vat
£59,950.00 ex. vat
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Wunder Audio Wunderbar 12 Console

The Wunderbar 16 Console is a 16 channel analogue desk the features three vintage stereo bus flavors making the desk one of a kind. This remarkable desk has great build quality, unprecedented performance and technology designed to produce the perfect recording.

This board size has 16 channels, 32 monitors, 1 Powerbar PSU and an Exquisite Trim. Hand build by Wunder Audios technicians the three stereo bus paths offer unique sounding results, the first summing bus is the Wunder Audio designed sound that you can find in the Wunder Audio PEQ2, the next bus is Neve 1272 stereo bus and the last Is an API stereo bus. All these busses use the decreet components used in the 70’s to give your audio the vintage sound of each bus that can be used individually or simultaneously giving you the best options for you workflow.


Some of the most popular consoles in the 70s used a significant amount of transformers, so in the design of the Wunderbar console Wunder Audio wanted to recreate this vintage sound. As a result transformers are used on all microphone inputs, each output and the routing module input.

Signal to noise ratio
The signal to noise ratio for this desk is around 107 dB compared to the SNR of 68-70 dB for older analogue desks. With a noise floor this low any unwanted audio like RF signals and WiFi will be noticeable.

Op Amps
The Wunderbar desk is symmetrically balanced is a discreet way with discrete sets of chips. With the used of eight op amps that split the usage of panning, Aux, pre/post, L/R bussing and fader buffers. All these Op Amps are removable and fitted perpendicular to the motherboard so if there is ever any issues with the desk they can be replaced or fixed with no hassle.

Options (Contact us for details)

  • Neve RAF colour
  • Exotic Wood Package (Zebra or Wenge)
  • DAW or MIDI controlled Motorized P&G faders
  • Wunderbar Stand
  • TT Patch bay section for 8x19" wide patch bay (bays not included)
  • Cinema Display Section for Apple 23" Cinema Display (not included)
  • Insert enable/defeat panel via light-pipe buttons (available on the TT Patchbay section only)
  • Wunder logo 3 colour wood inlay design in end caps
  • Custom logo wood inlay as per .pdf or .jpg


  • Analog or Digital: Analog
  • Channels: 16-Channel
  • Number of monitor returns: 32