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A-Design Ventura Preamp & EQ

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A-Design Ventura Preamp & EQ

The A-Designs Ventura is a preamp and equaliser inspired by the electronics of the world renowned Quad Eight consoles. Hand-built in the USA, A-Designs Ventura features a microphone input, instrument input and an EQ insert which can be used together or independently. The EQ section of the Ventura is an extremely musical sounding 3-band parametric as well as separate high and low pass filters.

The Venturas top of the line Cinemag input and output transformers guarentee optiminal performance from end to end of the signal path and at the heart is a specially designed discrete transistor amplfiier which is high gain, fast slew, stable audio block with virtually no DC offset over the audio spectrum.

Combining transparency with the ability of a more aggressive sound when pushed harder the Ventura is a true "desert island" preamplifier which can suit any and all recording applications.

A-Design Ventura Features:

  • Ultra transparent, solid-state mic preamplifier with 72db gain; instrument preamp; and true, 3-band parametric EQ with high-and low-pass filters.
  • Mic preamp, EQ, and instrument preamp can be used together or independently.
  • Three specially designed discrete C12X operational amplifiers.  • Cinemag input and output transformers.
  • Toroidal power transformer. 
  • Balanced TRS insert return/EQ input. 
  • Separate gain controls for mic and instrument inputs.
  • -20dB pad, +48VDC phantom power with red LED indicator, phase switch, and on/off switch with blue LED indicator.
  • Balanced gold Neutrik XLR input, direct, and main output connectors.
  • Silver-contact, high-durability toggle switches with no relays.
  • Hand-built in the USA with audiophile-quality components including high-tolerance metal film resistors and high-quality  polystyrene, polypropylene, COG, and bi-polar capacitors.
  • Single rackspace steel chassis.

A-Design Ventura Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: Better than 20Hz – 20kHz 
  • Gain Range: Microphone: -62dBV to +30dBV, Instrument: 70dB, Insert/EQ Input: 0dBV to +26dBV  
  • Input Impedance: Microphone: 1.4k ohm typical, Instrument: 20M ohm nominal, Insert/EQ Input: 15k ohm
  • Noise (EIN): -120dBm 
  • Phantom Power: +48VDC
  • Balanced XLR outputs: 600 ohm nominal
  • Distortion: 0.01% •Power Requirements 120/230VAC – 23W
  • Dimensions: 19” x 1-3/4” x 10” (W-H-D)
  • Weight: 14 lb. 
  • Shipping weight: 16.5 lb.