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A-Designs EM PEQ - Based on Pultec EQP-1A - 500-Series Module

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A-Designs EM PEQ - Based on Pultec EQP-1A - 500-Series Module

The A-Designs EM PEQ is the first and only Pultec-style equaliser in a 500-Series format and it is an EQ that you most definitely want to hear due the colour and character if gives your audio. The EM PEQ is modelled on the Pultec EQP-1A which is one of the most cherished equalisers by recording and mastering engineers due to its magic ability to improve the sound of nearly any signal running through it.

EM-PEQ includes a nickel-core Cinemag output transformer, gold Grayhill rotary switches, Wima capacitors, and a true hard-wired bypass; plus, instead of using common off-the-shelf chokes, A-Designs uses a custom tapped Cinemag inductor wound to precisely the same values as the original Pultec.

A-Designs EM PEQ Features:

  • The first and only Pultec-style equalizer in the 500-Series format
  • Three-band EQ with the same control layout as original Pultec
  • Fully balanced, noise-free performance and modern impedance specs
  • Same frequency settings and inductors as original Pultec make it a must-have for capturing bottom end
  • Excels at tracking, mixing and mastering—a truly magical EQ
  • Perfectly compatible with API lunchbox (or A-Designs 500HR rack)
  • True hard-wired bypass
  • A-Designs proprietary-wound tapped Inductor
  • A-Designs proprietary nickel alloy output transformer
  • Quick and easy studio integration
  • Wima capacitors