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A-Designs P-1 - 500-Series Mic Pre Module

£916.00 inc. vat
£763.33 ex. vat
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A-Designs P-1 - 500-Series Mic Pre Module

The A-Design P-1 has the highest fidelity of all the A-Designs Audio 500 preamps, capturing the mojo of its older and larger sibling, the extremely popular Pacifica. It has a big low end, slightly forward midrange and extended highs. If you’re a fan of the Quad Eight or API sound, you’ll love the P-1! It shines on vocals, instruments, room mics, piano, and on instruments with sharp transients such as drums and various percussion instruments.

If you’re building a lunchbox with drum recording in mind, a pair of P-1s is a superb choice for overheads when you want to capture the entire kit - especially the sizzle of the cymbals.

A-Designs P-1 Features:

  • 48-volt phantom power
  • 20dB pad
  • Phase switch
  • Custom-wound transformers
  • Thumb screws for easy install and un-install
  • Cast aluminum rotary gain control knob