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A-Designs Pacifica Mic Pre 1U Stereo

£2,615.54 inc. vat
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A-Designs Pacifica Mic Pre 1U Stereo

The A-Designs Pacifica has been designed, built and extensively tested in real world applications to take the sonic signature of the 1970's Quad Eight Pacifica mixing console but with it's own unique sound and character. 

The Pacifica is praised by top professionals for having the depth of a Neve the midrange of API and the high-end of a Massenburg. The hand-crafted A-Design Pacifica preamp and DI boasts solid build quality with a red and cream coloured finish with solid feeling red metal gain knobs, a red +48b phantom power push button with red LED indicator and a grey push button phase reverse/20dB pad.

A big factor in the Pacifica's signature sound is the vast bandwidth which ranges from 9Hz all the way up to 101kHz with a staggering <1% distortion. The custom transpormers give the Pacifica linear response down below 10Hz to provide the big punch sound that has made the Pacifica become a modern classic.

A-Design Pacifica Features:

  • Two-channel, solid state preamp with two front-panel Hi-Z inputs.
  • Captures the sound quality of the legendary Quad Eight Pacifica console with even more presence and high-end. 
  • Very warm and full tone without being dark; wide bandwidth with a sweet top end.
  • Custom-wound Cinemag input and output transformers.
  • Input transformer: A-Designs proprietary input transformer with unique winding. •Output Transformer: A-Designs proprietary alloy using the same massive design as the original Quad Eight.
  • 72dB of quiet gain, great for use with ribbon mics.
  • Unique DI design sends signal through the input transformer for two transformers in the signal path.
  • Balanced XLR I/O.
  • Phase reversal (each channel).
  • -20dB pad (each channel).
  • +48V phantom power (each channel).
  • Solid construction, handmade in the USA.   

A-Design Pacifica Specifications:

  • Frequency response: 9Hz-101KHz
  • Input impedance: 1500 ohm 
  • Gain range: 72dB
  • Noise (EIN): -128dB • Phantom power: Switchable 48V 
  • Mic input phase: Switchable 0 -180°
  • Instrument Input Jack 1/4” Phono
  • Output: Balanced XLR 
  • Distortion: Less than 1%
  • Power requirements: 100/120/230 VAC – 23W
  • Dimensions: 19” x 1-3/4” x 10”
  • Weight: 11 lb.
  • Shipping weight: 12.5 lb.