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AEA A440 - Active Ribbon Microphone

by AEA
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AEA A440 - Active Ribbon Microphone 

The AEA A440 is an active, super low noise replica of the legendary R44 Ribbon Microphone. The A440 maintains the iconic legacy of the original, offering a rich sound full of character bolstering the mids and lows while smoothing harsh frequencies.

The A440 is compete with a custom Lehle transformer, ROQ JFET preamp electronics and the "X" motor hotrod making it the quietest ribbon microphone ever manufactured, whilst also offering an additional 18dB of output gain compared to its passive relatives. This additional gain makes the A440 a more flexible microphone and compatible with all preamps. 


  • Operating Principle: Pressure gradient transducer
  • Directional Pattern: Bidirectional
  • Frequency Range: <20Hz to 20kHz>
  • Polarity: Pin 2 high for positive pressure on front of microphone
  • Polar Response: Native bidirectional, figure-of-8 pattern
  • Horizontal: Up to 90 dB rejection at right angles to the front/back axis
  • Vertical: Level changes with angle of incidence, but frequency response is consistent.
  • Transducer Element Material
    • Thickness: 1.8 µm
    • Width: 0.185 in (4.7 mm)
    • Length: 2.35 in (59.7 mm)
  • Microphone Dimensions
    • Height: 12.25 in (31.1 cm)
    • Width: 4.62 in (11.7 cm)
    • Depth: 3.25 in (8.3 cm)
    • Weight with cable: 7 lb 9 oz (3.43 kg)
    • Connector: XLR-3M