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AEA TDI Active DI Box

by AEA
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AEA TDI Active DI Box

The AEA TDI works by using an ultra-low-noise JFET to buffer the high impedance of your instrument-level signal. The JFET then drives a super-clean step-down transformer which balances the signal. There is a THRU jack paralleled to the input jack. The TDI allows for out- standing sonic performance while minimizing distortion, noise interference, and signal degradation from long cable runs. The TOI can handle extremely high input levels without clipping. Its durable steel chassis can withstand the toughest live or studio environments. The Phantom-Powered TDI pairs great with passive instruments like guitars, basses, piezo pickups, etc. Its 20dB pad can also flawlessly handle speaker level signals or active instruments such as synths. As with all AEA electronics, this circuit was designed by Fred Forssell.


  • Phantom-powered DI box with active circuitry
  • Ultra-low-noise JFET buffer drives exceptionally clean step-down transformer
  • High-fidelity sound quality with mitigation of distortion and noise interference
  • Enhances signal for long cable runs protecting against degradation
  • Great for passive instrument sources like guitar, bass, other acoustic-electric instruments
  • -20 dB pad for speaker-level signals and active instruments
  • Durable steel chassis for lifelong use live and in the studio