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Alice 501T - 500-Series Mic Pre with Transformers

£345.60 inc. vat
£288.00 ex. vat
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Alice 501T - 500-Series Mic Pre with Transformers

The Alice 501T is a high-performance transformer balanced microphone preamplifier. The 501 T is designed around Alice's legendary XTX131v2 matchamp which achieves a noise performance which is typically less than 0.5dB from theoretical Johnsons noise.

Next the mic amplifier itself. This is a discrete specially designed amplifier produced by Alice. It’s brilliantly stable and has excellent gain range, it’s almost impossible to overload so it does not need an overload indicator. The gain control gives plenty of range to use all mic types from ribbon mics up to studio condenser types.

To retain best possible quality of the audio, the output goes through another transformer, this gives you isolated balanced output and perfect matching to any line level input. The front panel has switching for phantom power, a rotary gain control and a phase switch which changes the polarity of the audio from positive to negative.


  • 500 series module standard
  • Balanced transformer mic input
  • Mic input with wide step less gain
  • LED output level metering
  • Switchable phantom power
  • Switchable 75Hz high pass filter
  • Switchable polarity reverse (phase)
  • Transformer balanced line output
  • 100% made in the UK


  • Frequency response linearity +0, -0.4dB 10Hz to 20KHz
  • Minimum gain: 32dB
  • Maximum gain: 78dB
  • Maximum output +24dBu floating transformer balanced
  • Noise level (measured at 60dB gain) 126.8dB below input 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Harmonic distortion (at 0dB output 1KHz) 2nd order 0.005%, 3rd order 0.03%
  • High Pass Filter 6dB/8ve 3dB down at 75Hz