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Alice Soundtech Airswitch 3 station output router (3 stereo circuits) (used)

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Alice Soundtech Airswitch 3 station output router (3 stereo circuits) (used)

This 1U rack-mounting unit allows logic control and unity gain audio routing of up to three stereo studios on an offer/accept basis and controls the radio station's profanity delay unit.

On-air switching is controlled via two illuminated non-latching push-buttons per studios. A further two such buttons provide control of the profanity-delay unit from the selected studio.

Switching is achieved using high quality nitrogen-filled gold-over-paladium relays with a minimum life rating of 20 million operations. Not surprisingly, therefore, the unit comes with an ten-year unlimited-parts guarantee. The use of relays as the switching element provides the advantage that bi-directional sources such as talkback and OB lines, DC control, etc, can also be switched. Since the audio selection of the unit is entirely passive it exhibits ruler-flat frequency response with absolutely no distortion or noise introduced.

Three versions of the Alice Airswitch are available. The Alice Airswitch 1 is the basic unit allowing the switching of one stereo source (two mono sources) through to output. The Alice Airswitch 3 is able to switch up to three stereo sources (six mono sources) which allows for split station operation, or the routing of a telephone hybrid feed or talkback line through to the on air studio. The Alice Airswitch 5 provides switching of five stereo sources (ten mono sources) for more comprehensive routing to take place.

Push buttons are not normally supplied with the unit since some mixers, including the Alice Air 2000, are fitted with suitable switches as standard. Most other mixers can be easily modified. Alternatively the switches can easily be accommodated in a separate switch panel.

Suitable illuminated and engraved switch-kits are available, each containing 2 momentary switches fitted with 12 volt lamps (one kit is required per studio). The Alice Airswitch Kit 'A' contains 1 x 'On Air' and 1 x 'Offer'. Kit 'B' (only required if delay unit fitted), contains 1 x 'Delay' and 1 x 'Dump'. Control switching is standard, 'ground to operate', and lamp drivers are via open collectors.

Inputs, output and control connections are via multi-way connectors, the mains connection is via an IEC. The Airswitch come complete with a 2m mains lead.