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AMS Neve 1073 Classic Mono Module - Mic Pre, 3 band EQ, fixed HF (Rack Needed) - Vertical

by Neve
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AMS Neve 1073 Classic Mono Module - Mic Pre, 3 band EQ, fixed HF (Rack Needed) - Vertical

Neve 1073: Legendary Sound Craftsmanship

Launched in 1970, the Neve 1073® stands as the quintessential choice for top producers and artists, lending the unmistakable Neve® sound to iconic recordings over the past 60 years. Amidst imitations, only our modules hold the true essence.

Handcrafted Excellence
Crafted by Neve® Engineers in the UK, each 1073® unit is a testament to original designs by Rupert Neve himself. Using point-to-point wiring, fibreglass tracking, and authentic components, this meticulous construction honors the legacy.

Marinair Transformers
A collaboration between Neve Electronics and Marinair Radar, the exclusive Marinair® input transformers define the 1073®`s sonic character. Made in the UK, these transformers are vital in producing the celebrated balanced harmonic warmth.

Balanced Output with Signature Transformer
Rupert Neve`s 1964 LO1166 gapped output transformer remains a closely guarded secret at Neve HQ. This transformer imparts the 1073® with its renowned balanced output stage.

Pure Class A Design
With a discrete class-A circuitry, the 1073® exudes a subtle, warm analog quality. Its power-efficient design steers clear of crossover distortion, painting a musical essence onto any source.

Distinctive Gain Staging
Employing a unique 5dB stepped Elma switch, the 1073® maintains precise gain levels across its range. A dual transistor-based preamplifier offers three distinct gain stages, unleashing up to 80dB of microphone gain when combined.

Crafted EQ with Inductors
Using bespoke inductors, the iconic 1073 EQ adheres to the original unpublished specification. Carefully chosen frequency points for each of the three bands produce musical results across diverse signal sources.

Three-Band EQ and HPF
A thoughtfully designed three-band EQ complements the unit, while the 3rd order high pass filter carves out low frequencies from higher ones during tracking.

Phase Inversion and Impedance
The 180-degree phase flip aids multi-mic setups, while two impedance settings (1.2kΩ and 300Ω) cater to modern and vintage microphones.

Versatile Orientation
The 1073® adapts to your setup with vertical and horizontal orientations, ideal for consoles, racks, and stereo pair configurations.

General Specification
• Classic transformer microphone preamp amp (Class A design)
• Exclusive Neve® Marinair® transformers used on input and output stages
• Hand-built and hand-wired to original 1970s design
• Both inputs are transformer balanced and earth free

Preamp Specification
• Microphone Input: Gain +80db to +20dB in 5dB steps.
• Line Input: Input impedance 10k ohms, gain +20dB to -10dB in 5dB steps.

EQ Specification
• High Frequency: Smooth +/-16dB fixed frequency shelving at 12kHz
• Low Frequency: Smooth +/-16dB shelving with selectable frequencies of 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz & 220Hz
• Mid Frequency: Smooth +/-18dB peaking, fixed ‘Q’ with selectable centre frequencies of 0.36kHz, 0.7kHz 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz & 7.2kHz
• High Pass Filter: 18dB per octave slope, switchable between 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz & 300Hz

Audio Performance
• Output: Maximum output is >+26dBu into 600Ω, transformer balanced and earth free
• Distortion: Not more than 0.07% from 50Hz to 10kHz at +20dBu output (80kHz bandwidth) into 600Ω.
• Freq Response: ±0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz, -3dB at 40kHz. EQ Out.
• Noise: -83dBu at all line gain settings (22Hz to 22kHz bandwidth)
• EIN: Better than -125dBu @ 60dB gain.

• Width: 45mm (1.8 inches)
• Height: 222mm (8.75 inches)
• Depth: 254mm (10 inches)
• Approx. Weight: 2.5kg (5.5 pounds)