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AMS Neve 1073OPX - 8-Channel 1073 Preamp w/Digital (ADAT/USB)

by Neve
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AMS Neve 1073OPX - 8-Channel 1073 Preamp w/Digital (ADAT/USB)

The Neve 1073 OPX is a rack of 8, legendary 1073 preamps. However, this is not just a simple rack of preamps. To meet the needs of modern studio workflows and space limitations, the OPX can be controlled via the 1073OPX app, unlocking vast potential for modern studios, live sound and broadcast suites. Up to eight OPX units can be controlled from the app, meaning you can have a total of 64 remote-controlled 1073 preamps.

Each microphone & line input benefit from the Marinair® transformers, helping bring the famous Neve tone. Unlike other 1073 preamps, the OPX preamps are controlled from the stepped gain encoder in 1dB steps, providing ultimate control for stereo pairs and instrument groups. To further meet the needs of modern workflows, the OPX has both front and rear input connections with independent switching. This layout allows for complete integration into a studio rack and a simple direct link to the front of the unit at any time without having to re-patch.

One feature that sets the Neve OPX apart from other preamps, is the ability to route each preamp into the monitor path for latency-free monitoring or analogue summing.

The AMS Neve 1073OPX ADAT/USB digital option card expands the capabilities of your 1073 OPX 8-channel preamp. USB/ADAT Hub mode transforms you OPX into a 16-in/10-out audio interface. ADAT standalone mode adds 8 Neve 1073 preamps and additional stereo output to your audio interface via ADAT optical.

USB/ADAT Hub mode operates as 24-bit, 192kHz while ADAT standalone mode operates at sample rates up to 96kHz via S/MUX.