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ART XL231 - Dual Channel 21 band graphic EQ - Used

by ART
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ART XL231 - Dual Channel 21 band graphic EQ

The ART XL 231 Dual 31 Band, 1/3 Octave Extended Long Throw Professional Equalizer has been designed and engineered to exceed extremely high standards for audio performance and functionality. This innovative, high-quality equalizer is perfect for virtually any audio application where precision frequency tailoring, reliable performance, rugged design and extremely silent processing are of the utmost priority.

*This is a used item. The unit is in excellent condition with minor signs of use. Please see images.

Active Filter Sections
The XL 231 features active filter sections, which incorporate a constant-Q design. This constant-Q design, with its accurate precision centre frequencies, ensures that the bandwidth of every individual filter will be narrow enough to prevent unnecessary interaction between adjacent filters, yet still create an equalization curve wide enough to produce the exact and precise processing of audio frequencies the user seeks. Filter circuitry incorporates high quality low noise components including 1% resistors, and, precision high performance 2% film capacitors.

Enhanced Cut Mode
The XL 231 offers an enhanced cut mode that allows more narrow filters and deeper cut of -18dB. This helps when trying to tame resonance and minimizing overall spectral changes. Only each filter's cut mode is enhanced while their boost characteristic remains unchanged.

Precision Slide Potentiometers
The XL 231 uses 45mm precision slide potentiometers. These center detented, metal shaft precision faders are graphically positioned on ISO center frequencies between 20Hz to 20kHz. The sliders feature a grounded center tap to assure that the filter is out of the circuit when the control is at its center detent.

Hi and Low Trim controls
These unique controls allow a gentle slope to be added, or subtracted from the overall frequency response. Both controls hinge at the middle of the spectrum and allow subtle changes to the overall sound without the need to adjust many sliders. Although similar in concept to tone controls, these differ in their well controlled precision straight curves, and, have less selectivity so the Trim controls don't have a "sound" as a typical tone control will.

Variable Low Cut Filtering
To help keep bass under control, the XL 231 Graphic Equalizer incorporates a variable swept Low Cut filter.

Automatic Relay Bypass
The XL 231 Graphic Equalizer also features automatic relay bypass of audio, an essential function if power to the unit is lost. Rugged construction and solid audio performance make this equalizer particularly well suited to fixed installation as well as touring live sound systems.

Additional Controls and Indicators
The XL 231 Graphic Equalizer includes a variable output level control, 10 segment level bar with peak hold, clip level indicator, and selectable line voltage. Additional features include selectable Scale Switching - (High Slider Resolution ±6dB - or Normal Resolution (±12dB), active balanced and unbalanced input/output connectors, and RFI filtering. A front panel Bypass switch allows direct comparison between the equalized and non-equalized signal for each channel.

Versatile I/O
The XL-231 Graphic Equalizer may be connected to a wide variety of audio devices. It has three sets of input and output connectors: XLR, 1/4" phone, and detachable Euroblock barrier strip connectors. The inputs are wired in parallel. The XLR and Euroblock output connections are also wired in parallel. A separate output circuit is used for the 1/4" phone output. It provides a balanced connection that results in the same output level when operated with balanced, or unbalanced connections.

Precision and Quality
When considering quality equalization, the XL-231 Graphic Equalizer is an excellent choice. It delivers extremely precise, powerfully flexible and simply great sounding equalization, with the quality features and reliable design criteria necessary for top-level audio performance.